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Minnesota Twins

minnesota twins

Photo by Doug Wallick on flickr with CC BY NC- SA 2.0 license.

The Minnesota Twins are my favorite baseball team. I love watching them on T.V. My favorite player is Joe Mauer. What is your favorite baseball team and player?


Basketball Pride

One of my most proud moments was when I was in a basketball tournament and we had to play a team we hadn’t beat before. We really wanted to win so my team and I played as hard as we could. We were playing really good and the game was close. In the end we WON by about 4 points!! It was super exciting. But we had to play 2 more games before we could be called champions. The second game was against a team we had beat before. It was another close game, but we won! The final game was also against a team we hadn’t beat. We played hard but sadly we lost. ): We got second place which was the best place in a tournament we had ever gotten. We were very happy. (:

I wrote this post for the meme blogging challengeNow I challenge you to write about your proud moment. Cady, Haley, Chloe,

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Then Feed Just One

Last Friday my school, along with another school, and a punch of other helpers came together to make food for starving people. We had to put soy, rice, vegetables, and chicken base into bag. The bag was then passed down a table to get weighed. Then the bag was passed farther down the table to be sealed, last it was put in a box to be shipped away. It is really fun knowing that you are helping people who may only get one meal a day. One place that the food goes is to Honduras. Have you ever been part of something like this? If you have tell me what you had to do.

– Jaci

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My favorite color is teal. I also really like lime green, light blue, and purple.  My room is light blue, with brown, aqua, teal polka dots. I love bright/ light colors, and polka dots!! What is your favorite color? This post is part of the week 6 challenge.polka dotsThis picture has most of my favorite colors in it. I got this picture from Our scho0l has a subscription.

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How much do you know about zebras? Well here is a link to a quiz I made that you can take to find out.

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Alone: My Poem

This is a poem that I wrote called Alone. This post is part of the week 5 challenge.
Boy walking on beach.

Alone walking along the quiet golden path

Listening to wind blowing dust in his eyes

With every step a thump is heard

Thinking of turning back, but instead pursuing on

Waiting for the end to come, but knowing it’s nowhere near

Wishing for company, but all there is, is the lone bird unseen chirping

With every step a crunch is heard

Will the end ever come?

Image is from Our school has a subscription.


Decorah Eagle!!

Here is a live video of an Eagle. The Eagle has 3 eggs, 1 of them has hatched so far. The nest is about 5 feet long and 5 feet deep. I hope you enjoy this live video.
– Jaci

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To My Mother

To My Mother is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. He has written many poems including the Raven which we are reading in school right now. I made a video about To My Mother. I hope you enjoy it.


Create your own video slideshow at

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Clustrmaps :)

I recently got a clustrmap. They are really cool, because if someone comes to visit your blog it shows where they are from. So far I have had people come visit my blog from Europe, Tasmania, and the U.S. I got the clustrmap as part of the week 3 blogging challenge.


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In school I have been taking Spanish. I’m not the greatest but I like it. We have learned the shapes, colors, days of the week, the months of the year, and also some phrases. We get to play bingo a lot to get to know our colors and shapes better. This is part of the week 3 challenge. This is how this paragraph looks in Spanish…

En la escuela he estado tomando español. Yo no soy el más grande, pero me gusta. Hemos aprendido las formas, los colores, los días de la semana, los meses del año, y también algunas frases. Llegamos a jugar al bingo mucho para conocer a nuestros colores y formas mejor. Esto es parte de la semana 3 desafío.

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