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Barn Quilt

on January 27, 2012

This year for our school’s gala my class is making a barn quilt to auction off. To make a barn quilt takes a lot of time and work, but in the end it turns out to look really cool. Here are some of the basic steps to making a barn quilt.

1. Wood. You need a large piece of wood. We are using a 3 1/4 in. green treated plywood.
2. Sand. Sand off all the ruff spots.
3. Prime. Prime the wood. Don’t worry about any spots that don’t get covered completely, you are just going to paint over it.
4. Black border. On the outside of the board paint about two inches of it black. (Optional)
5. Design. Pick out your design to put on the barn quilt, then trace it onto the wood.
6. Tape. Tape on the pencil marks so the paint won’t go into the wrong area.
7. Paint. Pick out the colors you like and paint them on.
8. Touch up. Take the tape off. Anywhere the paint bled through paint over it.
9. Barn. Find a beautiful barn to hang the quilt on.

Our class is having a lot of fun making the barn quilt. Painting is fun too, but very messy. We all take turns painting and taping. The name of the barn quilt is ‘2016 Four by Four’. 2O16 is the year my class graduates and four by four because there are 4 wiggly lines representing all the paths the students will take when we get older. They all end up in the same place: God!

This is our barn quilt It isn't quite done yet, but it will look cool when it's done.

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