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on March 30, 2011

In school I have been taking Spanish. I’m not the greatest but I like it. We have learned the shapes, colors, days of the week, the months of the year, and also some phrases. We get to play bingo a lot to get to know our colors and shapes better. This is part of the week 3 challenge. This is how this paragraph looks in Spanish…

En la escuela he estado tomando español. Yo no soy el más grande, pero me gusta. Hemos aprendido las formas, los colores, los días de la semana, los meses del año, y también algunas frases. Llegamos a jugar al bingo mucho para conocer a nuestros colores y formas mejor. Esto es parte de la semana 3 desafío.

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  1. Grace C says:

    Hey Jaci!

    This is Grace and you recently commented on my blog. I also take Spanish at my school. I’m like it and am fairly good at it. Do you want to learn any other languages?

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